Kevin Freshwater successfully ‘broke the internet’ (again) in early 2020 when one of his ‘Finish The Lyrics’ videos exploded online. The story went supernova online with over 2,000+ articles (covered by the likes of Grazia, Billboard, TIME, Good Morning Britain, Metro, Mirror, NY Post, Yahoo, Newsweek and many more). The content received over 1 billion views globally, Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow’ re-entered the iTunes Top 40 chart (at number 25).

One of the video participants, Charlotte Awbury, became an overnight sensation as the internet caught fire with love and admiration for her voice. She appeared on The Ellen Show (in the US) and The Lorraine Show (in the UK), with the likes of SKY News, BBC London, ABC and many more all requesting to cover the heartwarming story as a global exclusive.